Vascular Surgery

Marvel multi-specialty hospital is India’s renowned centre for vascular surgery in Bangalore with expert vascular surgeons who can diagnose and treat diseased or damaged blood vessels, arteries and veins. They can remove blockages and replace or bolster weak aneurismal arteries. The best vascular surgeon in Bangalore extends care to the complete range of venous, arterial, and lymphatic disorders. He can diagnose and correct the troubles associated with carotid and extremity arteries, visceral, aorta, and so on. Marvel multi-specialty hospital works consistently to enhance the quality of life of patients with vascular problems. It is the best hospital for vascular surgery in Bangalore that works intending to provide patients with sophisticated means. You get a team of specialists there who develop and use modern methods for diagnosis and treatment. 

Vascular surgery is a surgical subspecialty in which sicknesses of the vascular framework, or courses, veins and lymphatic flow, are overseen by restorative treatment, negligibly intrusive catheter systems, and surgical recreation.

Irregular claudication : Individuals who have PAD may have side effects when strolling or climbing stairs, which may incorporate agony, deadness, throbbing, or greatness in the leg muscles. Indications likewise may incorporate cramping in the influenced leg(s) and in the rear end, thighs, calves, and feet. Side effects may ease subsequent to resting.

A determination of vascular sickness can be terrifying. Realizing that you are in the hands of a careful and minding specialist can put those apprehensions to rest. Despite the fact that we are specialists, most of the patients that we assess are overseen therapeutically (without a strategy) by endorsing intercessions, for example, drug as well as way of life changes while we screen your condition for further movement. Following an intensive physical test, our doctors will help facilitate your vascular consideration, organizing any vascular imaging tests, (for example, duplex ultrasound or CT examine) that might be fundamental so as to make an exact finding and pick the best treatment. We energize every single planned patient and their families to learn however much as could be expected about their ailment and the treatment alternatives accessible. We offer intermittent free screenings for vascular sickness, and we urge patients to require a second supposition conference to affirm an analysis or examine a treatment proposal.

Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Hemanth Kumar Pandharprkar
MBBS,MS(General Surgery),
Fellowship-Vascular Surgery
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Experience: 20 Years