Best cardiology hospital in Bangalore

Cardiology is a medical specialty and a branch of internal medicine concerned with disorders of the heart. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of such conditions as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, electrophysiology, heart failure and valvular heart disease. 

Subspecialties of the cardiology field include cardiac electrophysiology, echocardiography, interventional cardiology and nuclear cardiology. At Marvel, we provide quality heart care medical services at the most affordable prices. Our cardiologists are experts in their fields. We are the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore if you are seeking treatment for your heart problems. 

Heart diseases are manageable when diagnosed in their early stages:

  •  High cholesterol levels
  •  Hypertension
  •  Heart attacks
  •  Heart Failure
  •  Coronary heart disease
  •  Arrhythmia

Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Nishanth
MBBS, MD(Cardia), DM
Consultant Cardiologist
Experience: 08 Years