Oncology is the branch of medicine that researches, identifies, and treats cancer. A physician who works in the field of oncology is called an oncologist. Oncologists must first diagnose cancer, which is usually carried out via

  1. Biopsy,
  2. Endoscopy,
  3. X-ray,
  4. CT scanning,
  5. MRI,
  6. PET scanning,
  7. Ultrasound or
  8. Other radiological methods

The diagnosis of cancer is done in different stages. Staging dictates the different kinds of treatment through which cancer is dealt with. Cancer is often treated with a team effort, with at least two or three types of oncologists, including medical, surgical, or radiation. The oncology treatment team may also include a pathologist, a diagnostic radiologist, or an oncology nurse. In the event of a new or difficult-to-treat case of cancer, the oncology care team may consult a tumor board, made up of various medical experts from all relevant disciplines.

At our Multi-Specialty Oncology department, there are different types of Oncologists:

  • Surgical oncologists: If your biopsy shows cancer cells, this is the healthcare provider who does the surgery to remove cancer that hasn’t spread.
  • Medical oncologists:  These healthcare providers treat cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, immunotherapy, and other targeted treatments.
  •  Radiation oncologists: These healthcare providers use radiation therapy that’s tailored to your specific cancer.
  •  Gynecologic oncologists: These oncologists experts treat gynecologic cancer such as cervical cancer, cancer of the uterus, and ovarian cancer as well.
  •  Pediatric oncologists: These oncologists treat cancers that are more common in children than in adults, such as childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Ewing sarcoma, and childhood brain tumors.
  • Neurological oncologist: These oncologists treat people who have brain tumors and cancer that affect the nervous system.


We at our medical hospital i.e., Marvel Multi Specialty Hospital, assure you to treat our patients with the best equipment, experience, and with care.

Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Rajeev L K
MBBS, MD, DM(Medical Oncology)
Consultant Oncologist
Experience: 30 Years

Dr. Prakash
MBBS, MS(Oncology)
Consultant Oncologist
Experience: 18 Years