Marvel Multi Specialty Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Bangalore for Anesthesiology. The branch of medicine that is focused on the relief of pain in the perioperative period (i.e., before, during, or after a surgical procedure) is known as Anesthesiology.

A physician anesthesiologist is a doctor, just like your surgeon and primary care provider. The medical experts who administer the anesthesia and the doctor trained for the same are called Anesthesiologists. They specialize in anesthesia care, pain management, and critical care medicine, and have the necessary knowledge to understand and treat the entire human body.

We at our medical hospital, i.e., Marvel Multi Specialty Hospital have the team of the best healthcare experts that provide you with a proper amount of Anesthesia keeping in mind your bodily issues as well as your medical history of yours.

Anesthesiologists have crucial responsibilities before, during, and after a surgery or any surgical procedure performed on their patients:

Firstly, before surgery: Your anesthesiologist is responsible for assessing your health and test results, your fitness for the planned surgery, and determining the safest anesthesia plan for you.

Secondly During surgery: Your anesthesiologist monitors your crucial body signs during surgery, manages your medical conditions, and administers fluids, blood products, and medications to support your bodily functions, such as the function of your heart, lungs, and kidneys. They may work alone or with an anesthesia care team that may consist of nurse anesthetists or physician anesthesiologists in training.

Thirdly, After surgery: An anesthesiologist is responsible for your well-being after surgery while you’re recovering from the effects of anesthesia. They’re typically the healthcare provider who decides when you have recovered from the effects of anesthesia and are ready to go home or go to another room in the hospital.

The role of Anesthesiologists is very crucial in the success of any surgery or minor surgery as well. We assure to provide you with the best medical health care facility at our Multi-Specialty center.


Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Raffth Ali
Consultant Anesthesiologist
Experience: 25+ Years

Dr. Waseem
Consultant Anesthesiologist
Experience: 10+ Years