Reproductive Medicine(ART/ IVF)

Best fertility Hospital in Bangalore

Marvel multi-specialty hospital is one of the best fertility Hospital in Bangalore as of today. It has a team in place that addresses a spectrum of fertility issues, and inside our scope, there are both men and women. For men with insufficient sperm count, we offer fertilization of eggs via what is called ICSI/TESA/PESA or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. For infertility issues, we offer a variety of medical solutions namely pre-implantation screening and diagnosis, IUI, egg and sperm freezing, ICSI, and more. Marvel hospital is recognized as the best fertility Hospital in Bangalore for its complete range of care and support and a record number of positive outcomes.

When the highest quality embryos are transferred into the mother’s womb, the possibility of success is high. The process is monitored and administered by a team of experts, from beginning to end. Our doctors handle infertility in a caring and understanding manner with strict adherence to safe, legal and ethical protocols.

Our Expert Consultants

Dr. Mamatha Reddy Y V
Consultant ART/ IVF Specialist
Experience: 25 Years