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Best Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee and Hip Replacement in Bangalore

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Marvel Hospital is one of the leading orthopedic hospitals in Bangalore, India. We offer a huge variety of orthopedic services, which include knee and hip replacement surgery. Our group of skilled and skilled orthopedic surgeons is dedicated to presenting our patients with the best satisfactory care.

We keep in mind that knee and hip replacement surgical treatment may be a frightening choice. it truly is why we provide our sufferers with a customized approach to care. we will make an effort to answer your questions and address your issues. we will also paint with you to expand a remedy plan that is right for you.

in case you are thinking about knee or hip replacement surgery, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled orthopedic surgeons. we will be satisfied to discuss your character needs and assist you in making a high-quality selection on your health.

Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Bangalore for Knee and Hip Replacement

  • Dr.Venkatesh Prasad

  • Dr. Naveen Kumar L V

  • Dr. Pradeep Anand

these surgeons are all notably skilled and skilled in acting knee and hip replacement surgical treatment. they may be additionally all board-licensed and feature extraordinary patient effects.

Types of Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

There are two major types of knee and hip substitute surgical operation:

  • Partial replacement: This sort of surgical treatment entails replacing simplest the damaged portion of the joint.
  • overall replacement: This sort of surgical operation involves changing the entire joint.

The type of alternative that is right for you may depend on the severity of your joint damage and your personal needs.

Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgical procedure is a common technique that is finished to alleviate aches and improve characteristics in people with excessive arthritis of the some stage in knee alternative surgical operation, the broken surfaces of the knee joint are removed and changed with artificial implants. The implants are manufactured from a ramification of materials, including metal, plastic, and ceramic.

Orthopedic Surgeon for Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip alternative surgical treatment is another not unusual system that is carried out to relieve aches and improve function in humans with extreme arthritis of the hip. At some point in the hip replacement surgical procedure, the broken surfaces of the hip joint are eliminated and replaced with synthetic implants. The implants are made from a diffusion of substances, such as metal, plastic, and ceramic.

Benefits of Knee and Hip Replacement surgery

Knee and hip replacement surgical operations can offer several benefits, which include:

  • pain relief
  • improved characteristic
  • expanded mobility
  • progressed the quality of life

Types of Replacement available at Marvel Hospital

Marvel Hospital provides a huge range of replacement options for knee and hip substitute surgery. these encompass:

Traditional knee and hip replacement: This kind of surgery includes replacing the whole joint with artificial implants.

Gender-specific knee and hip replacement: This kind of surgical operation involves the use of implants which can be designed mainly for guys or ladies.

Revision knee and hip replacement: This kind of surgical treatment is completed to update a failed knee or hip replacement.

Minimally invasive knee and hip substitute: This form of surgical operation uses smaller incisions and less muscle disruption than traditional knee and hip replacement surgery.

Rehabilitation After Knee and Hip Replacement Surgical Treatment

After knee and hip replacement surgery, you’ll want to go through a duration of rehabilitation. this may assist you in regaining your strength and variety of movement on your new joint.

Rehabilitation normally begins in the medical institution and continues at home. you will work with a bodily therapist to examine physical activities and stretches to help you heal and recover.