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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital In Bangalore

Marvel Multispecialty hospital is the number one physiotherapy hospital in Bangalore that offers excellent physiotherapy and rehabilitation service. What makes us different? It is our approach to this highly specialized area. Our team of expert physiotherapists provides high-quality care and advanced treatment using leading-edge technologies. We can give effective and fast treatment to physiotherapy support to get recovery after having surgical procedures. Our physiotherapy and physical therapy and rehabilitation center is equipped with modern tools and equipment. Our specialist can rebuild the lives of those who have health problems such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, orthopedic conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, amputation, and so on. Our multi-disciplinary team is experienced and expert. Not only corrective treatment, but we can provide help in injury prevention for posterity as well. The use of state-of-the-art systems makes us one of the best physiotherapy hospitals in Bangalore. Our objective is to satisfy our patients by providing the best care.

The department of Physiotherapy at marvel multispeciality Hospital is dedicated to offer complete physical rehabilitation to patients for a wide range of conditions varying from spinal cord disorders, brain injuries, sports injuries, low back pain etc. Physiotherapy aims to promote optimal recovery of movement and function of our patients and enhance their quality of life through:

  • Prevention of disabilities
  • Treatment of dysfunctions
  • Promotion of independence of our patients
  • Promotion of healthcare and fitness

At Marvel, our expert physiotherapists constantly strive to improve not only day to day functioning of our patients but to provide them with holistic physical rehabilitation through our rehabilitation programme, customised for all individuals as per their requirements.


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