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The Department of Dermatology offers treatment for all skin, hair, nails and related sicknesses. We give administrations going from careful, corrective and pediatric dermatology. We represent considerable authority regarding standard just as cutting edge dermatology issues like skin break out, psoriasis, dermatitis, male pattern baldness, explicitly transmitted sicknesses, and pemphigus. We likewise offer medicinal treatment for hair reclamation and hair transplant systems. With every one of these administrations, we are the main decision for skin treatment and without a doubt outstanding amongst other dermatology emergency clinics.

The dermatology division of Marvel Multispecialty Hospital treats a variety of ailments. The general dermatology department looks into problems related to skin, nails, and hair. Marvel Multispecialty Hospital is one of the best dermatology hospitals in Bangalore that keeps pace with the latest developments in the field. Our hospital is well-equipped to perform all types of dermatological treatments and procedures. Clear, glowing skin is a dream of every person. It boosts your confidence and enhances your beauty. Our hospital excels at the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the skin. We research the latest therapies to offer the best treatment and care in our well-equipped labs. Trained physicians use modern surgical methods for effective treatment of all types of skin problems. Marvel Multispecialty Hospital is amongst the advanced dermatology hospitals in Bangalore where patients are diagnosed and treated for skin and other ailments. Expert dermatologists are backed up with a team of cosmetologists, plastic surgeons, and other professionals.

Our skin treatment specialists at Marvel emergency clinic have practical experience in treating dermatitis, skin disease, skin break out, male pattern baldness, shingles, and moles. Our dermatologists exceed expectations in treating ailments of the oral mucous layer, genital issue, explicitly transmitted illnesses, general dermatology, leg ulcers, and psoriasis. We additionally offer treatment for leukoderma (white patches) by performing Vitiligo Grafting, and medicinal treatment for vitiligo by foundational microorganism treatment. At Marvel Hospital, we offer an all-encompassing consideration way to deal with patients looking for treatment for gleaming skin.

Who is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a skin treatment and medicinal master who offers treatment of illnesses of the skin, hair, and nails. The skin reflects the soundness of the body and is the most obvious organ. On the off chance that somebody is encountering any critical issue with their skin, counseling a dermatologist at the closest skincare emergency clinic is prudent. The skin treatment specialists who have extra intrigue and ability in doing surgeries are known as dermatosurgeons. The conditions treated by therapeutic dermatologists incorporate leg ulcers, leukoderma, psoriasis, skin break out, clogged pores, moles, male pattern baldness, shingles, xerosis, and dermatitis.

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