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Best Cardiology Hospital In Bangalore

Heart related diseases claim more lives than all cancers combined. Keeping your heart safe has become one of the most challenging tasks in today’s lifestyles. People are doing less physical work and are constantly under stress. This drastic change in lifestyles is hurting your hearts. Heart problems are on a rise and there’re only a few quality medical service providers. At Marvel, we provide quality heart care medical services at the most affordable prices. Our cardiologists are experts in their fields. We are the best choice if you are seeking treatment to your heart problems.

At Marvel Multispecialty Hospital, we cover the complete spectrum of care, starting from the detection of heart ailments to prevention and treatment.  We offer lifestyle modifications and dietary suggestions.  Advanced interventions and evidence-based medications and rehabilitation programs rate us the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore. Our cardiovascular unit is equipped with advanced infrastructure and expert staff. Due to precise diagnosis and the use of stringent protocol-driven procedures, we treat patients up to the best of their satisfaction. In our team, the cardiologists work in coordination with a team of multidisciplinary specialists that includes cardiothoracic, anesthesia specialists, nephrologists and critical care specialists. Our evidence imbued methods make safe and efficient recovery possible.   What is the reason we are rated as the best cardiology hospital in Bangalore?  We have the top heart specialists, support staff and nurses who deliver remarkable care and services to treat high-risk and complex cardiovascular conditions which are challenging and risky.







Heart diseases are manageable when diagnosed in early stages. Most common heart diseases are:

• High cholesterol levels
• Hypertension
• Heart attacks
• Heart Failure
• Coronary heart disease
• Arrhythmia

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