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All medical treatments start at diagnosis. Radiology involves medical imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of improvements in treatment.

Radiology Services

The list of radiology services at the Marvel Hospitals is practically endless. To name some, there are mammograms, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and USGS.  Aside from these, there are also angiography and other invasive examinations. General radiology services are focused on surgical services, orthopedics, and fluoroscopy.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans for the abdomen, breast, brain, and heart are also part of radiology. CT scans done at the Marvel Hospitals are for the abdomen, brain, and cardio. That aside, there are three kinds of mammograms, namely digital, stereotactic, and bone density. At radiology departments, ultrasounds are done for gynecological reasons, on small body parts as well as the usual abdomen, breast, and heart. Biopsies too are one of the major advanced radiological services offered today.

Our Radiology Department

The Radiology department at Marvel Hospitals is a highly technical department that encompasses the latest equipment and sophisticated machinery. Through the use of these devices, we are able to make effective diagnoses for both straightforward and complicated medical problems. Our radiology services have so far been pivotal in the treatments we offer to our patients.

Every day, hundreds of radiological services are sought at our hospital for the treatment of adults, children, and babies. These examinations are performed by trained technicians who have education and experience in working with cutting-edge equipment. If you are on the look-out for the best radiologist in Bangalore, enquire at our helpdesk or reach us on phone to book a procedure.

We at Marvel Hospitals has one of the biggest radiology departments in Bangalore that offers numerous comprehensive radiology services. Through the use of the most advanced technologies, we offer our patients a complete suite of radiology and diagnostic imaging services. Working with a team of well-known interventional radiologists in Bangalore, we are able to bring to you the most advanced diagnostic services in the city.

Radiology is a specialty of medication wherein pictures of the body's organs are deciphered so as to analyze malady. Radiologists are Medical Doctors(MDs) having the particular preparing to decipher medicinal pictures for conclusion while radiologic technologists are the therapeutic imaging experts that utilization and deal with the gear for making the pictures. Radiologists decipher these pictures and offer reports to alluding clinical specialists going from specialists, pediatricians, obstetricians, and internists to fill in as a group in giving medicinal consideration. Radiology is crucial for almost every area of social insurance, including medical procedure, pediatrics, obstetrics, malignancy care, injury reaction, crisis medication, irresistible illness, and considerably more. Accordingly, a hole in radiology assets is a point of convergence of human services uniqueness that can break the chain of medicinal services in poor locales.

Medical radiology and imaging technology have transformed the way the medical diagnosis is done today. Marvel Multispecialty Hospital offers modern diagnostic services, advanced radio-imaging services, and skilled technicians and radiologists. Our team comprises of the top-rated radiologist in Bangalore that works closely with specialty clinicians to make sure that the diagnostic data is interpreted into relevant information. The radiologists closely work with specialty clinicians to ensure all the required information is interpreted from the diagnostic data. The purpose of radiology is to minimize the complications and risks related to the procedure. The intra-operative procedures make the task of surgeons easy. We make our hospital the best radiology hospital in Bangalore where radiological procedures obviate the need for complicated invasive procedures. Precision and timely reporting are the two fundamental qualities of a diagnostic procedure, and radiology is also not an exception. At our center, we give results that are beyond expectations.

The division is moreover effectively worried about pushing limits inside the universe of radiology and imaging through different research exercises. We at Marvel-Multispeciality Hospitals put our patients first and endeavor to give the best patient consideration in an ultramodern office. Our group of expert radiologists utilizes the latest developments to assist individuals with recuperating from their ailments. The division gives a variety of cutting edge imaging administrations, which incorporate attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), processed tomography examining (CT), ultrasound, and advanced mammography that help the specialists unequivocally investigate every ailment locale, guaranteeing early acknowledgment and treatment.

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