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What Comes Under Obstetrics-Gynecology?

The scope of Obstetrics/Gynecology services is immense and encompasses general gynecological health, pregnancy and childbirth, infertility, gynecological polyps, tumors and cancers, incontinence, and menopause, pelvic floor problems, and much more. Every year, thousands of patients visit and consult Ob-Gyn doctors and have surgeries successfully performed at hospitals.

Problems Addressed through Obstetrics-Gynecology

Our Maternity hospital in Bangalore is ranked as one of the nation’s leading medical care centers for Obstetrics/Gynecology today.

Timely Screenings- A timely diagnosis can save a life. We perform the right gynecological screenings on our patients to offer them the best kind of personalized healthcare and maintenance possible at the right time. Our screenings help reduce risks, diagnose possible disorders, and treat diseases at the right time.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Care- We have with us some of the city’s best doctors. So, at Marvel Hospitals, expecting mothers are sure to have the best gynecologist in Bangalore to look after them through pregnancy and at birth.

High-Risk Pregnancies- At Marvel Hospitals we monitor high-risk pregnancies and offer care for all possible complications namely chromosomal abnormalities, pre-existing material conditions, birth defects, and a multitude of other fetal concerns.

General Gynecology and Related Surgeries- Our gynecological care includes birth control, pap tests, infections, ovarian cysts, menstrual problems, infertility, birth control, and all common and rare problems.

Fertility and Conception- Our gynecologists together with reproductive endocrinologists offer comprehensive fertility care and treatment.

Gynecological Cancers- For complex diseases like gynecological cancers we offer advanced and extraordinary medical care and support.

The word Gynecology is a multidisciplinary word. Its definition starts from pre-pregnancy to all women-related issues like childbirth, pregnancy consultation, menopause, infertility treatment & many more. When a woman is pregnant she needs utmost care & the best gynecologist consultation during this time. For a woman, it is the most precious thing when she is pregnant. During this lots of changes occurs in the body which needs to be taken care of immediately. So one should know who is the best gynecologist in Bangalore and the best & most experienced maternity hospital. When a woman is carrying a baby, that means a new life is being created inside a body that is beyond the imagination. It's very important to reach & find out the best maternity hospital to go to for a routine check-up & pregnancy-related issues. What makes it the best maternity hospital? It's crystal clear that the most experienced doctors & facilities available in the hospital makes it the most preferred treatment center.

At Marvel Hospitals, we give women’s health topmost priority for both expecting mothers as well as other women. Our obstetrics and gynecology care services are designed to satisfy every woman’s unique medical needs, right from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Our Gynecology hospital in Bangalore has a coordinated and supportive team of recognized and trusted healthcare experts on board who work non-stop to mitigate all your medical concerns.

Gynecology and obstetrics are siblings subjects of the woman's reproductive system. Obstetrics deals with pregnancy and it's related issues & complications where gynecologists treat those who are not pregnant. Gynecology consists of both medicines as well as the surgical sector. Most of the gynecological unsound conditions need hormonal and other pharmacological management, cancers, fibroids, etc. require surgical removal.

Gynecology is the medicinal work on managing the soundness of the female conceptive framework (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the bosoms. In medical language, the term signifies "the study of ladies". Its partner is andrology, which manages medicinal issues explicit to the male reproductive system. Practically all modern gynecologists are likewise obstetricians. In many cases the specialties of gynecology and obstetrics cover.

Marvel comprises of best gynecologists and obstetrics in Bangalore with IVF place for the treatment of barrenness, PCOS, fibroids, and so forth. As the general guardian and most grounded mainstay of the family, she is continually minding, giving, and relinquishing. We accept that there ought to be somebody to the mind of her, to advance her life as she does our own. First Life has the take up the shelf of ensuring and reestablishing her general wellbeing as well as a modified methodology through opportune, logical, and delicate mediations for her and her little beloved newborn.

It is critically important to get enrolled in the best maternity hospital in Bangalore to avoid complications and risks during pregnancy. At Marvel Multispecialty Hospital, we have a full-fledged team of obstetricians, anesthesia experts, neonatologists, and physicians. We strive hard to maintain a low rate of C-sections and promote natural childbirth. We aim to humanize birth and make medical interventions minimal. When you are treated by a protocol-driven team that is committed to safety, it gives confidence that you in one of the best gynecology hospitals in Bangalore. Healthier pregnancies mean healthier babies. Hence, we provide well-designed rooms built as per international standards for expecting mothers and family members. Everything is made with love and care so that you can feel the warmth of feeling, and of course, the best parental care. From infrastructure to treatment, everything is flawless and perfect; because you deserve it.

First Life's point is to guarantee better wellbeing and prosperity of ladies, be it a youngster, immature, adolescent, mother or grandma. The little dear baby additionally gets top-notch far-reaching consideration for the super-masters including neonatologists and pediatricians. First life's extensiveness lies not simply in quite a while world-class framework yet in addition to the unrivaled facility aptitude of our masters including yoga and physiotherapy.

Each pregnancy is unique and valuable for each lady. Pregnancy and Childbirth is a pivotal turning point of delight to the family. We survey pregnant ladies completely and guarantee a protected pregnancy. Exceptionally prepared medical caretakers and paramedics renderable help to the group.

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