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Best Diabetes Hospital in Bangalore

Diabetes or blood sugar is a situation where the level of blood glucose is found higher than the recommended limit. It is believed that blood glucose is the most important source of energy to manage every organ of the human body properly. Insulin is a hormone that is secreted from an organ called the pancreas. This pancreatic hormone is also famously known as pancreatic juice in layman language. When beta cells of the human body almost stop working, at that point in time it is diagnosed as diabetes. Sometimes though the pancreas produces insulin, the human body is not able to utilize this insulin properly which is popularly known as type 2 diabetes. Endocrinology specialists are preferred to deal with these polygenic problems.

We all know what are the causes of Diabetes but it is a really big challenging question whether diabetes can only be controlled or cured? Modern research says that not only diabetes can be controlled but also it can be cured by following certain things. It is really unbelievable that it can be cured. It is really shocking that by following some general lifestyle changes this problem can be avoided. First, we need to understand that by consuming more carbohydrate foods, blood sugar level increases but what if someone reduces carbs food starts taking more protein & vitamins? Research says if someone reduces intake of cooked food into half, starts eating more raw foods (like fruits, salads, sprouts & veggies) blood sugar will not increase as much as like cooked food & the body starts healing by receiving all-natural foods. So it's always advised to consume raw foods as much as possible. Diabetes is very tricky to understand. Some foods can act in a different way. For example Apple. If you drink apple juice, blood sugar will spike for sure but if someone eats the same by chewing a whole apple,blood sugar will not increase like juice because when the whole fruit is eaten, it contains more fibers, micronutrients, vitamins & more supplements. Raw food doesn't add glucose immediately to the bloodstream but at the same time if the juice is drunken, it immediately mixes into the bloodstream. As the blood moves every part of the body, blood sugar spikes immediately. Yoga, Pranayam, walking, cycling, jogging, running plays an important role to reverse it. In the end, every disease enters because of certain deficiencies & that problem can be cured by adding those foods into your life.

Diabetes is a constant infection that happens when the pancreas is never again ready to make insulin, or when the body can't utilize the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas, that demonstrations like a key to let glucose from the nourishment we eat go from the circulation system into the cells in the body to create vitality. All sugar nourishments are separated into glucose in the blood. Insulin assists glucose with getting into the cells. Not having the option to create insulin or use it successfully prompts brought glucose step up in the blood (known as hyperglycemia). Over the long haul, high glucose levels are related to harm to the body and disappointment of different organs and tissues.

Diabetes is diagnosed when the pancreas stops producing insulin. In other words, it is also told that when the beta cells of the pancreas have degenerated or produced but the body can't utilize then it is known as a diabetes Mellitus. Now the most important question is how to keep your diabetes under control? Do some people also think that can it really be controlled? The answer is a "big yes". One has to understand what is the cause of increased blood sugar? When a person consumes more carbohydrates rather than protein & vitamins then the pancreas produces more insulin to break carbohydrates into micronutrients & supplies to each and every cell of the body. But what if the body doesn't make the required amount of insulin or it is not being utilized by the human system? In this scenario, it is a big concern. Here the solution is to eat fewer carbs & consume high protein & vitamin foods. The reason for these kinds of foods because when someone lessens carbs-oriented food & starts eating raw food or more vitamins & proteins, even if the body doesn't produce more insulin still the blood sugar will not go up. that's why it's always recommended to eat more raw fruits & vegetables & keep in regular touch with the best diabetologist in Bangalore

What is so special about Marvel Multispecialty Hospital? We are the most skilled and experienced diabetes hospital in Bangalore ably supported by ultra-modern infrastructure. Our personalized services and expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle modification offers customized treatment to the varying needs of diabetic patients. Diabetes is a chronic condition that is characterized by increased glucose levels in the blood, technically called hyperglycemia. It happens when the body either fails to produce insulin, a hormone that controls the sugar level or doesn’t respond to insulin effectively. We are the best diabetes hospital in Bangalore where you get diagnosis and treatment for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Our experts offer effective management by educating patients about the risk factors associated with the disease. We evaluate the condition and treat using modern methods and concepts. We extend support and guidance while handling and managing diabetes. Our hospital is well-known for holistic care and patient-centric services.

Marvel is a standout amongst other diabetes clinics in India for diabetic screenings and diabetes or prediabetes treatment. Our group of master diabetologists and prepared restorative staff offer great consideration for the different stages and sorts of diabetes. The cutting edge idle style has added to the quick ascent of the disease.

Key aspects of Diabetes treatment at Marvel include
Certified educators to offer diabetes counseling Dieticians to provide customized meal plans

A Multidisciplinary approach that ensures skilled take care of all diabetic complications, which has,
Foot care - Screening for risky cases and management of foot ulcers.
Eye care - Care for Diabetes Retinopathy, Muscular Disorders, Cataracts, and Glaucoma.
Kidney Care – Care to forestall or delay the event of diabetic uropathy.
Weight management – Services embody acceptable nutrition and robotic Bariatric surgery.
Diabetes in Children - The paediatric, nutrition and other allied departments at Narayana Health lend their expertise in treating and caring for minors with the disease.

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